Courtney Bell

Bibliography Dr. Courtney A. Bell serves as the Director of the Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER) and Professor of Learning Sciences at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  A former high school science teacher,…

Mitchell Nathan

My research is largely rooted in the embodied nature of mathematical knowledge for learning and instruction in classrooms and technology based learning environments.

Research Interests

Embodied Cognition; Mathematical cognition; Discourse processes; Integrated STEM education; Engineering education

Sadhana Puntambekar

Our mission is to design and implement innovative, technology-rich learning environments to foster deep and engaging science and engineering knowledge for middle school students.

Research Interests

Scaffolding; Distributed Scaffolding, Computer Supported Collaborative Learning; Learning from physical and virtual models; Design-Based Research

Martina Rau

I investigate the social, perceptual, and conceptual processes involved in learning with external representations with the goal to establish design principles for adaptive educational technologies that support these processes.

Research Interests

Learning with multiple representations | Representational competencies | Human-computer interaction | Learning analytics | Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

David Williamson Shaffer

My research interests are in the areas of learning analytics and research methods. My lab develops theories, methods, and tools for assessing complex, and collaborative thinking by combining qualitative analysis and quantitative modeling.

Research Interests

Learning Analytics; Quantitative ethnography; Discourse Analytics; Scientific modeling; Educational assessment



  • Martha Alibali, Professor, Dept of Psychology, College of Letters & Science
  • Lewis Friedland, Professor, School of Journalism & Mass Communication and Affiliate Professor, Dept of Sociology, College of Letters & Science​
  • Richard HalversonProfessor, Dept of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis, School of Education