University of Wisconsin–Madison

School Psychology Faculty Research

Craig Albers, Associate Professor

One of my current research lines examines the critical components of universal screening and progress monitoring as part of prevention and early intervention models. Consequently, I have been examining the psychometric properties and utility of universal screening instruments, and how these procedures should be implemented in school settings.

A second line of research is focused on increasing the recognition of ELL-related issues among educators and other human service providers and to further the knowledge base regarding how to improve long-term outcomes among this population. This consists examining the connection between language acquisition, literacy, social emotional functioning, and health outcomes; examining academic and emotional functioning instruments and procedures that can be used as universal screening measures to identify ELLs in need of additional supports at an early stage of difficulty development; and examining potential academic and emotional interventions for ELLs.

A final line of research is the development of the Alternate ACCESS, which is an alternate language proficiency measure for ELL students with significant disabilities.

Jennifer Asmus, Professor

My research program is focused in the area of applied behavior analysis ( ABA) using single-subject research methodology. The focus of my work is to utilize functional analysis methodology in natural settings such as the classroom or home to develop interventions to assist children with behavioral difficulties. Most recently, I have conducted assessments to decrease problem behavior such as aggression or disruption and increase appropriate behaviors such as positive social interactions for children with Autism. The goal of my research is to replace problematic behaviors with more socially acceptable communication options so that ultimately increased opportunities for inclusion in general education settings will occur.

Maribeth Gettinger, Professor

My research is aimed at evaluating classroom interventions for young children who are at-risk for experiencing school problems. One area of research focuses on young children who exhibit behavioral challenges that limit their ability to learn (e.g., aggression, noncompliance, disruptiveness). The purpose of this research is to provide professional development to help school personnel (teachers and special service providers) work collaboratively to implement functional assessment and positive behavior support strategies in classrooms.

A second area of current research is designed to promote early literacy development among young children (ages 2-6) from low-income, predominantly minority families. Through ongoing professional development, teachers are trained to implement evidence-based strategies derived from research on emergent literacy. Outcomes are measured through classroom observations and individual child assessment of early literacy skills.