University of Wisconsin–Madison

Quantitative Methods Program Requirements/Course of Study

Besides methodological course offerings in Educational Psychology, through course work in the departments of Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and in other units of the School of Education, students can acquire the knowledge and skills to be professionally successful.

As in all other areas of the department, the course work is heaviest during the first two years. Beyond a three-semester introductory statistics sequence, students begin to specialize in areas of advanced statistics or psychometrics. Typically, students in the Quantitative Methods area take an outside-of-the-department minor in Statistics or Computer Sciences.

Course requirements and other requirements for the degree programs offered by our area can be found here.

Quantitative majors receive on-the-job experience by serving as teaching assistants for introductory courses, as well as by being project-assistant consultants in our own Laboratory of Experimental Design (LED), a School of Education facility that helps students and faculty with design of research measurement and data-analysis issues related to their research.

Students also gain quantitative experience by working in: