Maame Adokamo


Maame Adokamo


Maame Adomako is PhD student in the Human Development area. She received a B.A. from Central Michigan University, where she double majored in Psychology and Sociology with a Youth Studies Concentration. Her professional and research experiences are aimed toward enhancing leadership and diversity among adolescents in education. Her skills include multicultural programming, tutoring and mentoring high and middle school students.

Research Interests

Maame is former scholar of the Summer Education Research Program at UW-Madison during which her research focused on the racial and ethnic differences in student satisfaction of college on a predominantly white campus and the implications of social and academic adjustment for students’ satisfaction with college. Currently advised by Dr. Brad Brown her research interests include examining the transition processes among underrepresented students in higher education. Specifically, she explores the impact of social and academic experiences on identity development and achievement.


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