Hui-Ru Ho


Hui-Ru Ho image


Hui-Ru is a doctoral student in Human Development area within the Department of Educational Psychology. She received her B.S. in Psychology (minor in Economics) from National Taiwan University, where she has done some research on audio-visual integration. In 2018, she came to University of Wisconsin—Madison for a one-year visit, which was fully funded by a scholarship given by Taiwanese government. Then, she decided to apply for graduate school in the same year and continue her study in Madison. Her research interest broadly focuses on multi-sensory integration, and she also had some experience in Taiwanese industry in Human—Computer Interaction and User Experience.


B.S. Psychology (minor in Economics), National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, 2019

Research Interests

Hui-Ru is passionate about doing research in the field of multi-sensory integration. She is particularly interested in studying the relationship of multi-sensory integration and cognition. Moreover, she is looking forward to applying what she has learned in multi-sensory integration to education and improving user experience of technology in the future.