Claudia Ramly



Claudia Ramly is a graduate student in Educational Psychology working with Dr. Martina Rau. She is the 2021 Winner of the UW Madison 3MT (Three Minute Thesis) Competition. Her interest in Learning Sciences developed during her 10 years in the health care industry where she trained clinicians and patients on medical devices. Her professional and research experiences focus on helping adult learners make sense of data visualizations. She is particularly interested in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM) learning.

Before joining Dr. Rau’s research lab, Claudia was the senior Training and Education specialist for 18 countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Building on her prior degrees in dietetics and public health, she designed and conducted workshops on the full spectrum of diabetes technologies. As professional development, she completed a Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction from Maastricht University and served as Lebanon’s young ambassador for the UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development program.

In Dr. Rau’s Learning Representations and Technology Lab, Claudia leads experimental studies on perceptual fluency in visual representations. Her studies have included what type of visual feedback enhances learning technologies and how to train online learners to detect inconsistencies in misleading graphs. She has also evaluated how experts and novices interpret misleading COVID-19 graphs.

Claudia is committed to team science in her research and mentoring. Her interdisciplinary collaborations in the lab include the Chemistry and Computer Science departments. She also mentors seven undergraduate research assistants building on a national mentor training program.


BS in Nutrition and Dietetics (2008); Master’s in Public Health (2011). Master’s in Educational Psychology (2021)