Xiangyun Tang

Email: xtang77@wisc.edu

Xiangyun's headshot


Xiangyun Tang is a graduate student in Human Development area in the Department of Educational Psychology.


Xie, X., Tang, X., Rapp, H., Tong, D., & Wang, P. (2020). Does forgiveness alleviate depression after being phubbed for emerging adults? The mediating role of self-esteem. Computers in Human Behavior, 106362.

XingFang D, Dai L, Tang, X et. al,. A machine learning approach using EEG data to detect methamphetamine craving induced in a virtual reality environment (Society of Neuroscience)

Tang, X., Christopher B. Expression, Strength, Gaze Direction, Facial Expression and Other Race Effect on Recognition of Emotional face(American Psychological Association Convention)