Jiahe Wang Xu

Jiahe Headshot


Jiahe Wang Xu is a Ph.D. student in the Human Development area in Educational Psychology Department. She is a member of the Enright Forgiveness Lab, and participates in the Prevention, Intervention, and Enhancement Scholar Graduate Training Program. She received her B.A. in Applied Biology in City University of Hong Kong and master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at UW-Madison. Her research interest is centered in the social and emotional development in children and adolescents, with a focus on the development of agape love and forgiveness. Because of her diverse education and work experience, she is also interested in comparing the unique vs. common components in social and emotional development in various cultures. Jiahe enjoys music, painting, reading stories with her two sons, and going on road trips with her family and friends.


M.S. in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, December 2018 University of Wisconsin-Madison

 B.S. (Honors) in Applied Biology, July 2010 City University of Hong Kong

Research Interests

  • Forgiveness and the development of agape love
  • Uniqueness and commonalities of social emotional learning in diverse cultures
  • Implementation of forgiveness education in different cultural contexts


  • Rapp, H. & Wang Xu, J. (2020, August). A Meta-Analysis of Forgiveness Education and its Effects on Child and Adolescent Well-being. Poster to be presented at the Annual Convention of American Psychological Association.
  • Wang Xu, J. (2020, May). Social Emotional Learning about Forgiveness Using Children’s Literature. Workshop presented at the 2020 National Social and Emotional Learning Conference.
  • Wang Xu, J. (2018, May). A New Model of International Graduate Student Programming. Poster presented at the National Association of Foreign Students Affairs Annual Conference.
  • Wang Xu, J. (2018, March). Identifying International Graduate Students’ Needs and Expectations for Programming. Session presented at the Annual Conference of International Educators of Illinois.