Quantitative Methods Alumni

Youmi Suk (2021), Assistant Professor, University of Virginia

Yen Lee (2020), Quantitative Methods Lecturer, Edgewood College; Research Associate, WCER

Daniel J. Adams (2019), Associate Psychometrician, Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Yongnam Kim (2018), Assistant Professor, Seoul National University

Seo Young Lee (2018), Research Scientist, Prometric

Sora Lee (2018), Psychometrician, Korean Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation

Sien Deng (2017), Quantitative Researcher, Sutter Health

Chansoon “Danielle” Lee (2017), Assistant Professor, Liberty University

Carol Eckerly (2016), Psychometrician, Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Soojin Park (2016), Assistant Professor, University of California, Riverside

Jianshen “Cassie” Chen (2014), Associate Psychometrician, The College Board

Bryan Keller (2013), Associate Professor of Practice, Columbia University

Yi “Angie” Lu (2012), Psychometrician, Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

Amy Atwood (2011), Research Scientist, T-Mobile Workforce Analysis and Insights,

Su-Young Kim (2011), Associate Professor, Ewha Women’s University, Seoul, Korea

Chris Swoboda (2011), Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati

Sarah Depaoli (2010), Associate Professor, University of California, Merced

Chanho Park (2009), Assistant Professor, Keimyung University

Youngsuk Suh (2008), Associate Director, Korean Education and Psychology Institute

Timothy Hess (2007), Associate Scientist, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Martiza Dowling (2006), Assistant Professor, George Washington University

Taehoon Kang (2006), Associate Professor, Sungshin Women’s University

Andy Mroch (2006), Senior Research Psychometrician, National Conference of Bar Examiners

Jianbin Fu (2005), Research Scientist, Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Steve LeMire (2005), Associate Professor, University of North Dakota

Yanmei Li (2004), Research Scientist, Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Craig Wells (2004), Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts

Venessa Lall (2002), Research Scientist, Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Young-Sun Lee (2002), Associate Professor, Columbia University

Troy Chen (2001), Research Scientist, ACT Inc.

Tito Mendoza (1999), Professor, MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas