Human Development

Bellmore, Amy

Amy Bellmore

Professor, Human Development Area

Brown, B

B. Bradford Brown

Professor, Human Development Area

Enright, Robert

Robert Enright

Aristotelian Professorship in Forgiveness Science, Human Development Area

Hubbard, Edward

Edward Hubbard

Associate Professor, Human Development Area

Matthews, Percival

Percival Matthews

Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Human Development Area

Short, Sarah

Sarah Short

Dorothy King Chair, Assistant Professor, Human Development Area

Vlach, Haley

Haley Vlach

Associate Professor, Area Chair: Human Development

Learning Sciences

Bell, Courtney

Courtney Bell

Director of Wisconsin Center for Education Research,
Learning Sciences Area

Nathan, Mitchell

Mitchell Nathan

Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor, Learning Sciences Area

Puntambekar, Sadhana

Sadhana Puntambekar

Sears-Bascom Professor, Learning Sciences Area

Rau, Martina

Martina Rau

Associate Professor, Learning Sciences Area

Williamson Shaffer, David

David Williamson Shaffer

Sears Bascom Professor of Learning Analytics and Vilas Distinguished Achievement Chair of Learning Science

Quantitative Methods

Bolt, Daniel

Daniel Bolt

Nancy C. Hoefs Bascom Professor, Area Chair: Quantitative Methods

Kaplan, David

David Kaplan

Patricia Busk Professor of Quantitative Methods, Quantitative Methods Area

Kim, Jee-Seon

Jee-Seon Kim

Professor, Quantitative Methods Area

Pustejovsky, James

James Pustejovsky

Associate Professor, Quantitative Methods Area

Wollack, James

James Wollack

Department Chair, Professor & Director of Testing & Evaluation Services, Quantitative Methods Area

School Psychology

Albers, Craig

Craig Albers

Associate Professor, School Psychology Area

Asmus, Jennifer

Jennifer Asmus

Professor, School Psychology Area

Eklund, Katie

Katie Eklund

Associate Professor, Co-Area Chair: School Psychology

Garbacz, Andy

Andy Garbacz

Associate Professor, Co-Area Chair: School Psychology

Hagermoser, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Hagermoser-Bayley

Clinical Assistant Professor, School Psychology Area

Kelly, Kristy

Kristy Kelly

Clinical Associate Professor, School Psychology Area

Kilgus, Stephen

Stephen Kilgus

Associate Professor, School Psychology Area

Klingbeil, David

David Klingbeil

Assistant Professor, School Psychology Area

Quintana, Stephen

Stephen Quintana

Professor, School Psychology Area

Professional MS Programs

Linscheid-Hebgen, Lisa

Lisa Linscheid-Hebgen

Director, Master of Science for Professional Educators

Rutledge, Julia

Julia Rutledge

Director, Learning Analytics Master’s Program

Administrative Staff

Krug, Jennifer

Jennifer Krug

Department Administrator

Moschkau, Amy

Amy Moschkau

Graduate Program Manager

Trinastic, Luci

Luci Trinastic

Financial Specialist Senior

Wells, Lydia

Lydia Wells

School Psychology Program Associate

  • Martha Alibali, Professor, Psychology
  • Richard Davidson, William James and Vilas Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry
  • Heather Kirkorian, Laura M. Secord Chair in Early Childhood Development; Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies
  • Marie-Louise Mares, Professor, Communication Arts
  • Megan Moreno, Professor, Pediatrics
  • Julie Poehlmann, Dorothy A. O’Brien Professor in Human Ecology, Human Development and Family Studies
  • Catalina Toma, Associate Professor, Communication Arts
  • Susan Ellis Weismer, Oros Family Chair and Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Martha Alibali, Professor, Psychology
  • Lewis Friedland, Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Richard Halverson, Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
  • Mark Albanese, Director of Testing and Research
  • Bill Hoyt, Professor, Counseling Psychology
  • Michael Kane, The Samuel J. Messick Chair in Test Validity
  • Karl Rohe, Associate Professor, Statistics
  • Sonya Sedivy, Associate Scientist, Testing and Evaluation Services
  • Joan Ershler, past-Director, Waisman Early Childhood Program, Waisman Center
  • Megan Farley, Psychologist, University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, Waisman Center
  • Lindsay McCary, Psychologist, Autism and Developmental Disabilities Clinic, Waisman Center
  • Hugh Johnston, Psychiatrist, Wisconsin Department of Corrections
  • Caroline Racine Gilles, School Psychology
  • Jodi Wollack, Quantitative Methods
  • Diane Jefferson, MSPE
  • Leonard Abbeduto, Professor, Human Development
  • Gary A. Davis, Professor, Human Learning
  • Sharron Derry, Professor, Learning Sciences
  • Frank Farley, Professor, Human Learning
  • Maribeth Gettinger, Professor, School Psychology
  • Chuck Kalish, Professor, Human Development/Learning Sciences
  • Thomas R. Kratochwill, Professor, School Psychology
  • Philip Lambert, Professor, Human Learning
  • Joel Levin, Professor, Quantitative Methods
  • Julia E. McGivern, Clinical Professor, School Psychology
  • Andrew Porter, Professor, Learning Sciences
  • Ronald Serlin, Professor, Quantitative Methods
  • Michael Subkoviak, Professor, Quantitative Methods
  • Deborah Vandell, Professor, Human Development
  • Sharon Brown, Department Administrator
  • Ruth Landes, University Services Associate
  • Karen (O’Connell) Downing, Graduate Admissions Coordinator
  • Paula Hillmann PhD, Director, MSPE
  • Shamya Karumbaiah, joining the department as a Learning Sciences faculty member in August 2023.