University of Wisconsin–Madison


Department Graduate Program

Our mission is to advance education-related theory and methodology; to improve knowledge about the biological, psychological, technological, and social processes of learning, development, and mental health in diverse populations; and to enhance learning and mental health in educational and community contexts through innovative educational interventions and effective prevention/ intervention programs.

This mission entails four component activities:

  • Produces high quality, innovative research and scholarship to understand the development and mental health of learners and to understand the nature of effective instructional contexts.
  • Trains outstanding researchers who address problems in the substantive domains of the Learning Sciences, Human Development, Quantitative Methods, and School Psychology.
  • Instructs prospective educators, mental health professionals, and future researchers in other disciplines in how to conduct, interpret, and apply scientifically based research on learning and instruction.
  • Provides leadership and charts new directions for university, professional, and community organizations charged with understanding learners and instructional processes and with implementing educational programs.

Areas of Specialization

We have four graduate program areas of study:

We also offer programs to support undergraduate students interested in aspects of education, but who choose not to major in Education and teachers in K-12 seeking a Masters degree: