PhD in School Psychology

This graduate program leads to a PhD in School Psychology with a scientist–scholar–practitioner model of professional training. Students prepare for positions as professors in colleges and universities, psychologists in elementary and secondary schools, and with other organizations or agencies that focus on psychological services for children, youth, and families. The program is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association and approved by the National Association of School Psychologists.

The areas of professional practice for school psychologists include psychological assessment and psychodiagnostic evaluation, prevention and intervention procedures, consultation and program planning, and research and evaluation. The program also requires the study of applied behavior analysis, cognitive-behavior therapy, social-learning theory, and ecological-behavioral-systems theory. Applied experience and training are provided in individual and group work with both typical classroom populations and special groups, including individuals with developmental disabilities and others with special education needs. Included in the practicum and internship experience is work with families, classroom peer groups, and community and school systems.