Robert Enright

Aristotelian Professorship in Forgiveness Science, Human Development Area

(608) 262-0835

863H Educational Sciences

1025 West Johnson Street

Madison, WI 53706-1706

Enright, Robert

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Professor Enright, a licensed psychologist, has pioneered the scientific study of forgiveness, which now claims over 1,000 researchers worldwide. He holds the Aristotelian Professorship in Forgiveness Science as part of the WARF Named Professorship awards, has been honored with a Vilas Associateship Award, the Dean’s Club Faculty Achievement Award, and the campus-wide Hilldale Award in the Social Studies Division for his research on forgiveness. His National Conference on Forgiveness was the first of its kind on any university campus. His various research grants have centered on moral development. One of the most gifted teachers on campus, Dr. Enright is a recipient of the Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award and five other teaching-related awards on campus. He teaches courses in moral development with an emphasis on the psychology of forgiveness. He is a popular speaker on the moral development of forgiveness, with his work appearing in such outlets as Time magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and ABC’s 20/20. He is a former member of the editorial board of Child Development.


  • PhD Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota, 1976

Select Publications

  • Enright, R. D., (In Press). Forgiveness. In A. Wenzell (Ed.), Sage encyclopedia of abnormal and clinical psychology
  • Yu, L., Gambaro, M., Song, J., Teslik, M., Song, M., Komoski, M. C., Wollner, B., & Enright, R. D. (2021). Forgiveness therapy in a maximum-security correctional institution: A randomized clinical trial. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • Enright, R. D., Rique, J., Lustosa, R., Song, M. J., Komoski, M. C., Batool, I., Bolt, D. M., Sung, H. J., Huang, S. T., Park, Y. H., Leer-Salvesen, P. E., Andrade, T., Naeem, A., Viray, J., & Costuna, E. (2021). Validating the Enright Forgiveness Inventory – 30 (EFI-30): International studies. European Journal of Psychological Assessment
  • Ghobari Bonab, B., Khodayarifard, M., Geshnigani, R. H., Khoei, B., Nosrati, F., Song, M. J., & Enright, R. D. (2020). Effectiveness of forgiveness education with adolescents in reducing anger and ethnic prejudice in Iran. Journal of Educational Psychology
  • Song, M. J., Yu, L., & Enright, R. D. (2020). Trauma and healing in the under-served populations of homelessness and corrections: Forgiveness therapy as an added component to intervention. Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy
  • Enright, R. D., & Song, M. J. (2017). An Aristotelian perspective on forgiveness education in contentious world regions. In K. Norlock (Ed.), The moral psychology of forgiveness (pp. 38-54). London: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group.
  • Enright, R. D., (2015). 8 keys to forgiveness. New York: Norton.
  • Enright, R. D., & Fitzgibbons, R. (2015). Forgiveness therapy: An empirical guide for resolving anger and restoring hope. Washington, DC: APA Books.
  • Enright, R. D., Knutson, J. A., Holter, A. C., Baskin, T., & Knutson, C. (2007). Waging peace through forgiveness in Belfast, Northern Ireland II: Educational programs for mental health improvement of children. Journal of Research in Education, 63-78.
  • Reed, G., & Enright, R. D. (2006). The effects of forgiveness therapy on depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress for women after spousal emotional abuse. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 74, 920-929.

Select Presentations

  • Enright, R. D. (2021, February). The healing value of forgiveness from the Aristotelian philosophical perspective. Keynote/Plenary Address presented at the live internet event, Forgiveness: Practical Applications of a Timeless Virtue, Greece.
  • Enright, R. D. (2020). Forgiveness interventions in correctional institutions. Oral Presentation presented at the for the staff and imprisoned people, Her Majesty’s Prison, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Yu, L., Gambaro, M., Komoski, M. C., Wollner, B., Song, J., Song, M., & Enright, R. D. (2019, November). Examining the efficacy of forgiveness therapy within a maximum-security prison: Reducing anger and promoting psychological health. Paper presented at the Association for Moral Education, Seattle, WA.
  • Enright, R. D. (2019, September). Forgiveness as expanded reason. Keynote/Plenary Address presented at the Expanded Reason Congress, University of Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid, Spain.
  • Enright, R. D. (2019, August). Advancing the science of forgiveness through randomized experimental and control group trials. Keynote/Plenary Address presented at the APF Spielberger EMPathy Symposium, Chicago, IL.
  • Enright, R. D. (2019, May). Practicing forgiveness: Increasing harmony in families during challenging times. Keynote/Plenary Address presented at the Brain Tumors Across the Spectrum Conference, Madison, WI.
  • Enright, R. D. (2019, January 9). Forgiveness among those in prison: From practice to research outcomes. Keynote/Plenary Address presented at the Forgiveness and Restorative Justice Among Prisoners, Bar-Ilan University, Israel.
  • Enright, R. D. (2018, May). A scientific approach to forgiveness and forgiveness education. Keynote/Plenary Address presented at the 6th European Conference on Religion, Spirituality and Health and the 5th International Conference of the British Association for the Study of Spirituality, United Kingdom.
  • Enright, R. D. (2017, July). The science of forgiveness. Oral Presentation presented at the Jerusalem Conference on Forgiveness for Individual, Family, and Community Renewal, Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Enright, R. D. (2014, September). Forgiveness therapy as remediation for and forgiveness education as prevention of gender-based violence: Piloting in Kosovo, Colombia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Israel/Palestine. presented at the Meeting of the United Nations Population Fund, Humanistic Integrative Approaches to Addressing Gender-Based Violence: Overcoming Trauma through Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual Healing, New York City.

Select Awards and Honors

  • WARF Named Professorship, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2020
  • Expanded Reason Award, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, and the Vatican Foundation Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, 2019
  • Distinguished Alumni Award, School of Education, University of Minnesota, 2016
  • Good Work Award, Association for Moral Education, 2015
  • Honored Instructors Award, Academic Initiatives of the Division of University Housing, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013
  • Distinguished Peace Educator of the Year Award, Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, (2008, 2009)
  • Hilldale Award, University of Wisconsin, 2007
  • Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary International, 2006
  • Faculty Achievement Award, Dean’s Club, 1995
  • Chancellor's Award for Distinguished Teaching, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1987