Julia Rutledge

Director, Learning Analytics Master’s Program


Rutledge, Julia

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Julia Rutledge is the Director for the Learning Analytics Master’s Program in the Department of Educational Psychology, where she oversees curriculum development, student advising, and program marketing. She also teaches courses within the program and serves as the graduate student advisor. Her research interests include social and emotional learning (SEL) measurement and personalized learning environments. She earned her PhD in the Learning Sciences program area of the Department of Educational Psychology from the UW-Madison in 2017. Prior to graduate studies, her background was in small business continuing education program administration at University of San Diego in the Office of Corporate and Professional Development, and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the Small Business Development Center. She earned her B.A. in Education – Extended English from the University of Arizona where she graduated magna cum laude and with Honors, and a Master’s in Educational Psychology from UW-Madison.


  • PhD Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin, 2017
  • MS Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin, 2014
  • BA Education, University of Arizona, 2005

Select Publications

  • Rutledge, J. (2016). Personalized learning: Practices and principles from the learner-centered movement. The Institute for Personalized Learning.
  • Halverson, R. R., Barnicle, A., Hackett, S., Rawat, T., Rutledge, J., Kallio, J., Mould, C., & Mertes, J. (2015). Personalization in practice: Observations from the field. WCER Working Paper
  • Rutledge, J. (2015). Scaffolding written reflections for preservice teachers. EARLI 2015: Towards a reflective society: Synergies between learning, teaching and research
  • Gnesdilow, D., Evenstone, A., Rutledge, J., Sullivan, S., & Puntambekar, S. (2013). Group work in the science classroom: How gender composition may affect individual performance. Rummel, N., Kapur, M., Nathan, M., & Puntambekar, S. (Eds.), To see the world and a grain of sand: Learning across levels of space, time, and scale: CSCL 2013 conference proceedings volume 2 —Short papers, panels, posters, demos & community events, 34-37. International Society of the Learning Sciences.

Select Presentations

  • Rutledge, J. (2019). Measuring What Matters: How Teachers Assess Noncognitive Skills in Personalized Learning Environments. Paper presented at the American Education Research Association Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada.
  • Carl, B., & Rutledge, J. (2018). Taking Stock of SEL Implementation and Measurement in Wisconsin. Paper presented at the Social and Emotional Learning Conference, Madison, WI.
  • Rutledge, J. (2017). Measuring What Matters: How Noncognitive Skills are Captured, Stored, and Utilized in Personalized Learning Environments. presented at the , Madison, WI.