University of Wisconsin–Madison



With the goal of increasing awareness and sensitivity around topics relating to diversity, a number of Ed Psych students are exploring issues like incarceration and poverty through events and discussions with their fellow students. What started as a small group has grown to include not only students, but also department faculty and staff.

“The diversity committee began in the School Psychology area, but we expanded it to the entire department when more students and others expressed interest in discussing these topics,” says Phoebe Jordan, a School Psych student and diversity committee organizer.

Recently, the group has read and discussed books like “Just Mercy” and “Evicted” as well as held a screening for “Milwaukee 53206,” a documentary about the impacts of incarceration on families.

“It’s important to provide a space to discuss and ask questions about diversity issues,” adds student and diversity committee founder Lana Mahgoub. “Talking about these issues will lead to a greater understanding of their impact not only on our community but also in our professional environment.”

Going forward, the group has plans to volunteer with other community organizations and will offer many more discussions on related books and movies. Their end goal is to serve as a resource for the entire department on topics related to diversity.

(Posted April 13, 2017)