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Ed Psych Professor Launches New Video Blog “Learning with Visuals”

Martina Rau, an assistant professor in Ed Psych’s Learning Sciences area, has launched a new video blog that aims at “finding new ways of communicating with non-scientists.”

Called “Learning with Visuals,” Rau’s Youtube channel will showcase 3-5 minute videos that connect her education research with people outside the realm of academia. The videos will walk viewers through study strategies using graphs, models and other teaching tools.

“I started thinking about the Wisconsin Idea and ways in which I could make my research more accessible and help improve people’s lives beyond the boundaries of my research lab,” she says.

Her first video, “Translating Research into Everyday Language,” introduces her work and her second post, “Learning with Visuals by Explaining and by Training Intuitions,” looks at her research into what skills students need in order to learn utilizing visuals. The video blog is an extension of her Learning Representations & Technology Lab.

Rau plans to release a new video every Monday. Find her Youtube channel here and read more about it here. Find her faculty profile here.

(Posted Sept. 18, 2017)