Yuanru Tan

Email: yuanru.tan@wisc.edu

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Yuanru Tan is a doctoral student in the Learning Sciences area within the Department of Educational Psychology and works in the Epistemic Analytics lab advised by Dr. David Williamson Shaffer. Yuanru and her colleagues create novel approaches and statistical tools to improve the assessment of complex thinking.


Jan. 2021 – present
Program: Learning Sciences
Ph.D. in Educational Psychology
University of Wisconsin, Department of Educational Psychology. Madison, WI
Advisor: David Williamson Shaffer, Ph.D.


Sep. 2016 – Dec. 2017
Program: Design and Technologies for Learning
Master of Arts in Educational Studies
University of Michigan, School of Education. Ann Arbor, MI


Sep. 2011 – Jun. 2015
Major: Information Management & Information System
Bachelor of Management
Tianjin University of Technology, School of Management. Tianjin, China