Sinan Yavuz


Sinan in a plane


Sinan Yavuz is currently a PhD student in the Quantitative Methods program. He is a project assistant in the Interactive Learning and Design Lab. He received his combined bachelors and masters degrees in the Biology Teaching Department from Gazi University in Turkey. He has worked for seven years as a research assistant in three different universities and meanwhile, he taught Educational Measurement and Evaluation and Learning and Developmental Psychology courses to university graduates for three years in private institutions in Turkey. He was a PhD candidate in the Educational Measurement and Evaluation Department at Hacettepe University. During his previous PhD studies in Turkey, he participated in national projects supported by UNICEF and the Turkish National Ministry of Education.

His primary interests are in Bayesian approaches for educational research designs, Bayesian growth models in education, Bayesian approaches to missing data analyses, and extensions of Bayesian model averaging to multilevel models.

Sinan’s CV