Department Main Office

Rm 880, Educational Sciences Building Department of Educational Psychology University of Wisconsin-Madison 1025 West Johnson Street Madison, WI 53706-1796 Phone: 608-262-3432 Fax: 608-262-0843



  • Department Chair
  • Professor, Human Development

Prof. Brown is a faculty member of the Human Development program area of the Department. Rm 880B, Educational Sciences Building 608-262-3432


  • Graduate Admissions Coordinator
  • School Psychology Administrative Liaison

Barb joined the Department in 1984 and except for a one year stint in L&S, has been with the Department ever since. Over the years she performed the duties of all the administrative positions in the Department and accepted the Department Administrator position in December 2006. She assisted the Department Chair in all administrative capacities, including assisting in budget preparation, human resources, personnel matters, payroll, and grants administration. She has returned to her previous position as Graduate Admissions Coordinator helping faculty and students manage the complicated work of admissions and helping students manage their academic career in the department. In recognition of her many accomplishments, Barb earned a School of Education Distinguished Achievement Award in 1999. Rm 852D, Educational Sciences Building 608-262-1427  


  • Communications Specialist
  • Facilities Management
  • Human Development Administrative Liaison

Steve joined the department in 2014. He is the Communications Specialist, handling the website, marketing, outreach and promotional materials. He also manages the department’s facilities and is the staff liaison to the Human Development program area. His professional experience includes working in news media and non-profit organizations. Rm 880E, Educational Sciences Building 608-262-0844


  • Financial Specialist
  • Quantitative Methods Administrative Liaison

Serena joined the department in March 2017. She manages the department’s financial transactions including purchasing, requisitions, and reimbursements. She is also the primary payroll and benefits coordinator for graduate assistants. She also serves as the departmental liaison to the Quantitative Methods and Learning Sciences programs. Rm 880D, Educational Sciences Building 608-262-9407

Philip Romero-Masters

  • Technology Specialist
  • Graduate Student, The Information School

Philip joined the department when he began his studies at The Information School here at UW-Madison. Since joining the department, he has become deeply involved in the campus information technology community by serving on the Campus Information Technology Committee, the Cybersecurity Strategy Update Team, and the CIO Search and Screen Committee. Using his background in technology, he assists the department with its technology needs. Rm 878, Educational Sciences Building 608-262-0841