Research, mentorship, innovation keep Educational Psychology program top ranked year after year

Jim WollackAsk UW–Madison’s Jim Wollack what makes the Department of Educational Psychology so special, and the professor of quantitative methods pauses for a moment to gather his thoughts.

“I think there are quite a few factors,” says Wollack, who chairs the department.

It’s the type of place, he explains, where faculty members are both world-class researchers, and outstanding teachers and mentors who are eager to train the next generation of scholars.

It’s a place where individuals care deeply about their work and where the depth of scholarship, its creativity, theoretical foundation, and potential impact are unmatched in a field that is broadly committed to improving learning and mental health. It’s vital work that can help us reach our potential as individuals — and as a society.

“Bottom line, there is no one thing that makes us so highly regarded,” says Wollack. “What it comes down to is that across the board, we have incredible people who wholeheartedly embrace a culture of excellence.”

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