Ed Psych Students Present at 2021 Biennial Society for Research in Child Development Conference

In April 2021, members of the UW-Madison Educational Psychology Department presented research at the 2021 Biennial Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Conference. This was the first time in its history that the conference was held in a virtual format. SRCD showcases research on a broad range of topics related to child development, including cognitive development, education & schooling, and biological processes.

The Learning, Cognition, and Development Lab, directed by Professor Haley Vlach, was one research group that attended the conference. Graduate student Emma Lazaroff led a conversation on how STEM storybooks can be beneficial for children’s learning, and how research findings can assist to create books. Graduate student Melina Knabe presented two posters on the usefulness of Spanish-English dual language storybooks for second language learning and investigating the extent that adults understand how children learn words early in life. Postdoctoral Research Associate, Ellise Suffill, presented study results on whether the number of color words that children and adults know affected their color categorization.

Professional conferences such as SRCD are important for encouraging collaboration among researchers, highlighting new and exciting findings in the field, and even sparking new research questions. Congratulations to everyone from UW-Madison who presented!

For more information on the Learning, Cognition, and Development Lab at UW-Madison click here.



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